LLVM 3.2: official stable port is still LLVM 3.1. Basesystem missing important LLVM pieces!

O. Hartmann ohartman at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Jan 6 12:56:01 UTC 2013

While working with an OpenCL port that is depending on LLVM 3.2, I feel
very uncomfortable haveng to have devel/llvm-devel installed while the
official release of LLVM is 3.2. The port devel/llvm is still the older
3.1. Is this going to be changed? I guess it must be synchronized with
FreeBSD 9.X's LLVM/CLANG, isn't it (I'm on FreeBSD 10.0).

Well, this brings up again another piece of question. While FreeBSD's
base system already has LLVM/CLANG, it is missing some important LLVM
pieces, like llvm-config and others.

Having a crippled LLVM aboard AND the need having installed a port is a
kind of none-sense. Why should I install port devel/llvm to have a
working LLVM backend?
The last time I brought up this issue, it was mentioned that the long
compile time is one of the reasons. Can this be fixed by having an
additional knob like "WITH_LLVM_EXTRAS"?

Personally I feel much better having the complete LLVM in the base than
having the very same (or with bad luck, a slightly different in the
ports) LLVM from the ports. Since it depends on the preferences of
search paths, software used to choose the port's version prior over the
base system - that caused trouble for me in the past.


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