Steve Wills swills at
Wed Jan 2 16:40:00 UTC 2013


> It would be nice to be able to use version 12.1 of the receiver.  I
> know you have to download it yourself but it expects an old version
> which can no longer be found.  It would be nice if you would put down
> where you can make changes so that you can build a more recent
> version.  It does have to go into /etc/make.conf to make changes but
> that if for a certification.  I know I need this to connect to my work
> so will go back to Linux until I can get a work around for this.

Not sure what version of FreeBSD you're running, but assuming it's 9.x,
try applying this patch:

and rebuilding and installing world/kernel. Then grab this patch:

to the port. Please test and let me know if it works. If it does, we'll
see about getting those committed.


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