Experience with portshaker

David Southwell david at vizion2000.net
Wed Jan 2 15:24:54 UTC 2013

Best wishes for the new year. I decided I needed texlive so I installed 
portshaker with the intention of adding texlive to my ports tree.

After installing portshaker and running portshaker -v I found  the 
existing ports tree /usr/ports/**** deleted and portshaker had created a 
new directory /var/cache/portshaker with the following sub directories:

The /var/cache/portshaker/ports was empty
/bsd-sharp contained a ports hierarchy but with a very limited range of 
ports within the hierarchy.
freebsd_texlive contained .svn , Tools, print
freebsd_texlive_releng contained .svn, MOVED, print

I was expecting the default portshaker.conf to have retained the 
original /usr/ports/ tree and put the texlive ports in
/usr/ports/prints - however finding my original tree deleted was an 
unexpected outcome.

Would that be due to a run error on an incorrectly configured 

1. How should portshaker.conf be set for an appropriate configuration
2. I have now rebuilt the /usr/ports/
3. Have not deleted /var/cache/portshaker/*

How to proceed now?

Many thanks in advance for advice.


David Southwell ARPS AFIAP
Photographic Arts
Trained & experienced competition judge, mentor, trainer, lecturer,
Advanced digital techniques, international project photography

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