FreeBSD 10.0-RC3 AMD64 pdftk and gcc 4.6.4 dependency problem

Tijl Coosemans tijl at
Mon Dec 30 11:37:48 UTC 2013

On Mon, 30 Dec 2013 12:13:27 +0100 Mathieu Arnold wrote:
> +--On 30 décembre 2013 09:31:26 +0100 Tijl Coosemans <tijl at>
> wrote:
> | The problem is that the pdftk port depends on lang/gcc46 instead of
> | lang/gcc.  Maintainer CCed.
> Yeah, I know, it's a mess.
> You could, hum, maybe, solve it by doing :
> pkg set -o lang/gcc:lang/gcc46
> pkg install pdftk
> pkg set -o lang/gcc46:lang/gcc
> I'm looking at fixing this, but it's not that simple :-)

I've seen some port do something like this:

.if ! exists(/path/to/file)
IGNORE=	Port cat/port needs to be installed with OPTION option enabled

I don't remember which port it was, but something like this can be
used here as well.  You can then remove LIB_DEPENDS and BUILD_DEPENDS.

.include <>
.if ! exists(${LOCALBASE}/bin/gcj${CSUFF})
IGNORE=		GCC needs to be installed with JAVA option enabled

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