dns/bind* ports overwriting conf files

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Sat Dec 28 00:00:26 UTC 2013

+--On 25 décembre 2013 22:16:07 -0800 Doug Barton <dougb at dougbarton.us>
| While looking at the UPDATING entry for the bdb mess (more on that later)
| I happened to see this:
| 20131209:
|    AFFECTS: users of dns/bind96, dns/bind98 and bind99 on FreeBSD 10.0
|    AUTHOR: erwin at FreeBSD.org
|    Bind versions before, 9.8.6_2, and 9.9.4_2 on
|    FreeBSD 10.0 will replace named.conf on upgrade.  Make sure to
|    backup any local changes before upgrading to the _2 versions.
| This is not Ok. FreeBSD ports are NEVER supposed to blindly overwrite
| config files. Please fix this so that it confirms to over a decade of
| policy that FreeBSD ports users should be able to safely depend on.

That's ok, because FreeBSD 10.0 is not released yet, and the current
version of the bind ports doesn't overwrite the config files.

Mathieu Arnold

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