FreeBSD Port: remmina-1.0.0

Peter peter at
Fri Dec 27 12:06:05 UTC 2013


The actual version of Remmina FreeBSD port has an important bug of 
clipboard transmission (at least in RDP sessions).
The bug is explained here:

It seems that the patches corrected this bug are integrated in the 
mainstream 20/09/2012 by Jean-Louis 
There are many other fixes in mainstream of Remmina after this date. The 
Linux packages for the major distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, 
Fedore/RedHat, Arch) are already updated.

Could you please update the FreeBSD port as the Git version of Remmina 
cannot be compiled on FreeBSD 'out-of-the-box', it seems that some 
FreeBSD-specific patches are needed.

Best regards,

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