Updating CUPS

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Thu Dec 26 18:29:34 UTC 2013

On Thu, 26 Dec 2013 18:30:07 +0100, Matthias Andree stated:

> I meant deliberate changes in concepts, not just happenstances...
> Check what Fedora and other Linux distros have been doing to work
> around those before you complain. 
> And remember this is a volunteer project, you are not paying to get
> upgrades within the week...

I have done some checking on what is transpiring with CUPS on other
distros. Actually, what happens there is not truly germane to
FreeBSD though. In all too many instances, software that works
perfectly fine there does not exhibit the same degree of suitability
under FreeBSD architecture.

Furthermore, version 1.5.4 (the ports version) was released on 7/25/12.
The senior release version of the 1.6 family, 1.6.3 was released on
7/11/13. The 1.7 family was introduced shortly afterwards. Apparently,
FreeBSD has skipped the entire 1.6.x branch. All I asked was if an
updated version of CUPS was planned to be introduced into the ports
system. I never said I was paying to get updates; although I have on
several occasions voiced my opinion, along with others, that hiring
professionals to maintain some ports or other areas of FreeBSD that
seem to either get neglected or lag behind other operating systems
might be a good investment.

In any case, you obviously have no personal knowledge of what is
transpiring with this port so further discussions with you are futile.


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