FreeBSD Port: enlightenment-0.17.5,2

Peter peter at
Tue Dec 24 14:35:55 UTC 2013


I'm testing E17 under the PCBSD10 (based on FreeBSD 10.0-BETA3) on my 
I'm really disappointed by the degradation of some modules (I'm 
comparing with 0.16.999.65643 I use on my workstation, under PCBSD 9.1).
I would like to know the port status and feature plans - if I must 
migrate to another WM.

The principal problems I observed in 0.17.5 :
- composite does not work (or not compiled)
- engage module does not work (bottom half of the screen is black and 
unusable when it loaded)
- startup very long with splash activated (I've seen this problem in 
0.16.999.65643 too)
- many incompatible themes (almost all)

Note that engage and composite are the 'must have' modules for 
Enlightenment in PC environment and I don't see many reasons to use 
Enlightenment without them...

Best regards,

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