e: Build/install failure of devel/subversion

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 24 09:14:13 UTC 2013

> Same here on 9.2-STABLE.

> Looking at the logs, I saw strange libtool lines saying that the libs
> mentioned by pkg-static were not installed in /usr/local/lib, and a preamble
> about Berkeley DB 6 that had not been tested by Subversion developers and the
> fact that subversion's Berkeley DB backend was deprecated.

> So I switched the DBD option to off and install worked. YMMV of course.

> Regards,
> Olivier

Thanks for response; I thought nobody was going to respond.

I had successfully built subversion for FreeBSD 9.1_STABLE, subsequently upgraded to 9.2 postrelease.

I also built devel/subversion successfully from pkgsrc on NetBSD-current amd64.

So I looked at the options available and selected, and I was going to try again with BDB dropped.

You typed DBD, I assume you meant BDB but mistyped.

Then I won't have to boot the NetBSD-current amd64 16 GB USB stick every time I want to update the src (stable-10 and HEAD), ports and doc trees.


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