kBuild and opera will not install in 10.0: lang/gcc46 conflicts with lang/gcc

Bernhard Fröhlich decke at FreeBSD.org
Sun Dec 22 11:55:27 UTC 2013

Am 22.12.2013 12:13 schrieb "José García Juanino" <jjuanino at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I have running a recent FreeBSD 10.0-RC2, and I get the following
> www/opera depends on lang/gcc46
> devel/kBuild depends on lang/gcc
> But both gcc46 and gcc are incompatible, so I cannot install opera and
> kBuild. However, lang/gcc and lang/gcc46 install the same versión compiler
> 4.6.4. Any idea to fix this conflict? I am using  pkgng to install the
> ports.

kBuild is using USE_GCC=yes which uses lang/gcc right now in version 4.6.

Opera has a strict dependency on on FreeBSD 10 for gcc4.6 because of

RUN_DEPENDS+=   ${LOCALBASE}/lib/gcc46/libstdc++.so.6:${PORTSDIR}/lang/gcc46

I am not sure if opera really needs to be that strict on which libstdc++ it
uses since it also seems to be happy with libstdc++ from gcc 4.2 on FreeBSD

I've cc'd the opera maintainer so let's see what he thinks.

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