If ports@ list continues to be used as substitute for GNATS, I'm unsubscribing

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 19 05:08:46 UTC 2013

There are many messages on this thread, and I don't know which or what to quote, but I agree on send-pr being user-unfriendly.

One problem is setting up mail with outbound SMTP server: sendmail is too mysterious/mystic to be useful.

I think most email clients set up to use POP3 and SMTP server without using sendmail at all.

I use mpop and msmtp.

Many users with problems might be just getting started on FreeBSD installation and not have graphic interface yet and might thereby not be able to use WWW interface (lynx, maybe?).  I have that problem on FreeBSD 10-stable and HEAD.

Or maybe they have X installed but it won't start or is crippled.  I have that problem on NetBSD.

It helps if one also has NetBSD installed, and/or Linux with a pkgsrc-like or FreeBSD-ports-like package manager (such as Gentoo with portage) so as to compare notes/problems/options when something goes wrong, as happened to me recently with devel/subversion.

This is not to bad-mouth FreeBSD, just to have a model for comparison, and more help than I've got so far from this list.

Primary reason why I built devel/subversion on my USB stick installation of NetBSD-current amd64 was that re(4) driver works in NetBSD and Linux and fails on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD latest releases.


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