[HEADS UP] lang/python removed as implicit port dependency

Marcus von Appen mva at FreeBSD.org
Wed Dec 18 17:26:16 UTC 2013

On behalf of the FreeBSD python team, I'd like to announce that the
lang/python port has been removed as an implicit port dependency for
ports using USE_PYTHON, USE_PYTHON_BUILD and USE_PYTHON_RUN in revision


  The removal is necessary to bring us a step closer to building and
  installing ports for multiple python versions at the same time.

What does that mean for port users?

  If you are using the ports tree to build your own ports from scratch,
  propably not much. Chances are high that lang/python was installed
  earlier, either as dependency or directly by you. In that case, it is
  very unlikely that you will run into any trouble with the change and
  hence you should not need to do anything in special.

What does that mean for pkg users?

  If you are using pkg or are running your own pkg build server
  (e.g. via poudriere), it might happen that the one or other port
  breaks, since it cannot find the 'python' command or something
  else, which is installed by lang/python.

  We tried our best to keep the breakage as low as possible, but with
  more than 24000 ports to test and endless OPTION combinations, this is
  an impossible task. Please accept our apologies for your inconvenience
  and let us know about that misbehaviour by submitting a PR.

If you are not a port maintainer, committer or developer, you can stop
reading now.

What about maintainers and port developers?

  Please read the CHANGES. Keep the direct usage of lang/python within
  BUILD_ and RUN_DEPENDS as low as possible. Using lang/python as
  dependency will complicate package building for different python
  versions (due to the PACKAGE_DEPENDS_ONLY knob). Ports should refer to
  a specific python version, version range or a version meta port
  (lang/python2 or lang/python3) instead.

  USE_PYTHON=yes and friends will only pull in the default python
  version now (e.g. lang/python27 or whatever is configured via
  DEFAULT_VERSIONS), so test your port thoroughly for (a possibly)
  incorrect usage of the 'python' command.

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