about the Berkeley DB 4 "cleanup"

Matthias Andree mandree at FreeBSD.org
Tue Dec 17 00:03:22 UTC 2013

Am 16.12.2013 13:51, schrieb Robert Huff:
> 	[Ref: ports/UPDATING 20131214]
> 	I am an indirect user of BDB (currently ver 4.3); "pkg version
> -r" reports
> 	redland-1.0.16
> 	ruby19-bdb43-0.6.6_1
> 	webalizer-geoip-2.23.8
> 	php5-5.4.21
> 	xmms-1.2.11_20
> 	libreoffice-4.0.6_1
> 	gramps-3.3.0_2
> 	docproj-2.0_1
> 	librcc-0.2.12
> 	apr-
> 	apache24-2.4.6_1
> 	subversion-1.8.5
> 	py27-bsddb-2.7.6_3
> 	portupgrade-,2
> 	as being dependant, and I suspect the list will be longer with
> each passing day.
> 	While I appreciate the work done to move the universe along,
> the upgrade instructions included (by reference) are partially past
> my understanding and _way_ beyond my comfort zone.  (And I suspect
> I'm not alone.)
> 	So: what explodes if I simply set "WITH_BDB_VER=5", shutdown my
> services, and rebuild?
> 	Alternately: does someone whose comfort zone this is well
> within) have a script that will take care of things?

Sorry for not providing clearer instructions.

One of the difficulties that anyone will face in writing instructions is
that I have no viable approach of telling which port uses Berkeley DB in
which ways, directly or indirectly.
  That would mean having to become acquainted with each and every port
that uses Berkeley DB in some way, figure out what it does, and how it
uses that, and explore all options.

For me, that is beyond my resources and also beyond my interest.

And, unfortunately, it will also be beyond the capabilities of a script.

So my approach was to write general instructions that look at what's in
the database directories.

I am currently investigating failures that have been reported and that I
cannot reproduce and hope to come up with refinements to the
instructions later.

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