about the Berkeley DB 4 "cleanup"

Randy Pratt bsd-unix at embarqmail.com
Mon Dec 16 14:37:23 UTC 2013

On Mon, 16 Dec 2013 07:51:54 -0500
Robert Huff <roberthuff at rcn.com> wrote:

> 	[Ref: ports/UPDATING 20131214]
> 	I am an indirect user of BDB (currently ver 4.3); "pkg version
> -r" reports
> 	redland-1.0.16
> 	ruby19-bdb43-0.6.6_1
> 	webalizer-geoip-2.23.8
> 	php5-5.4.21
> 	xmms-1.2.11_20
> 	libreoffice-4.0.6_1
> 	gramps-3.3.0_2
> 	docproj-2.0_1
> 	librcc-0.2.12
> 	apr-
> 	apache24-2.4.6_1
> 	subversion-1.8.5
> 	py27-bsddb-2.7.6_3
> 	portupgrade-,2
> 	as being dependant, and I suspect the list will be longer with
> each passing day.
> 	While I appreciate the work done to move the universe along,
> the upgrade instructions included (by reference) are partially past
> my understanding and _way_ beyond my comfort zone.  (And I suspect
> I'm not alone.)
> 	So: what explodes if I simply set "WITH_BDB_VER=5", shutdown my
> services, and rebuild?
> 	Alternately: does someone whose comfort zone this is well
> within) have a script that will take care of things?

I've got a similar list of dependencies but only subversion and
apr actually use BDB.  The rest seem to be dependencies on apr.

I went a step further and set "WITH_BDB_VER=5" in /etc/make.conf and
proceeded to update.  At the end, I still had db42-4.2.52_5.  I
suspect it was because that neither apr or subversion needed updated.

I'm not sure if I should switch the origin of BDB for involved ports,
do forced rebuild of a few ports or if doing a recursive update is
needed.  Some additional direction would be much appreciated.

My eyes glazed over trying to read the Wiki link to updating since
I don't know database vocabulary so you're not alone ;-)


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