Port update failure | gtk+-2.24.22

Jos Chrispijn ports at webrz.net
Sun Dec 15 11:32:19 UTC 2013

   Dear port maintainer(s),
   Just to inform you that I noticed a compilation issue with the latest
   port version:
   --- cut ---
   gmake[1]: Leaving directory
   gmake: *** [all] Error 2
   ===> Compilation failed unexpectedly.
   Try to set MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=yes and rebuild before reporting the
   failure to
   the maintainer.
   *** [do-build] Error code 1
   Stop in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gtk20.
   *** [build] Error code 1
   Stop in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gtk20.
   ** Command failed [exit code 1]: /usr/bin/script -qa
   /tmp/portupgrade20131215-34352-tuba0k env UPGRADE_TOOL=portupgrade
   UPGRADE_PORT=gtk-2.24.19_2 UPGRADE_PORT_VER=2.24.19_2 make
   ** Fix the problem and try again.
   ** Listing the failed packages (-:ignored / *:skipped / !:failed)
           ! x11-toolkits/gtk20 (gtk-2.24.19_2)    (new compiler error)
   --- cut ---
   Can you pls tell me how to solve or should I wait for the next port
   Thanks in advance,
   Jos Chrispijn

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