Output change of 'pkg info' after 1.2.

Yasuhiro KIMURA yasu at utahime.org
Sun Dec 8 15:11:36 UTC 2013

From: Baptiste Daroussin <bapt at FreeBSD.org>
Subject: Re: Output change of 'pkg info' after 1.2.
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 09:29:30 +0100

>> Then I have one question. Is there any way to get same output as 
>> 'pkg info pkg-name' of 1.1.x? I tried some combination of options but
>> could not find proper one.
> only pkg query now.
> pkg query "%n-%v" and to simply your life you could probably have in your
> pkg.conf (since pkg 1.2)
> alias: {
>   whatis : "query '%n-%v'"
> }
> $ pkg whatis pkgconf
> pkgconf-0.9.3
> etc.

Thank you for answering my quetion. I added alias definition above in
my pkg.conf.

BTW, I noticed there is no explanation about 'alias' option in
pkg.conf(5) but two examples in EXAMPLES section. It is far from fatal
but anyway I sent PR and also opened new issue on GitHub.


Yasuhiro KIMURA

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