[games/ofortune] CFT and pending issues

Andrew Berg robotsondrugs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 02:14:23 UTC 2013

On 2013.12.05 15:54, A.J. 'Fonz' van Werven wrote:
> A short recap for those of you who are subscribed to freebsd-ports@ but
> not freebsd-stable@: when I opened my inbox this morning I found a typical
> WTF thread: the (hardly) "offensive" fortune cookies have been kicked out
> of 10-BETA4. Since I (and many others) find this Just Plain Stupid (tm) I
> created a port to bring some sanity back into fortune(6).
Thank you for making this port. I was quite saddened when these fortunes were removed.

> Anyone running FreeBSD 10-BETA4 feel free to test the port and comment on
> it before I file the PR asking for it to be committed.
I will test it this weekend.

> -1-
> It's tentatively called ofortune. If you can think of a better name, then
> by all means shoot.
Going by the other fortune file ports, misc/fortune-offensive or something very similar would be more appropriate.
It's not really a game in itself and the others are in misc, so misc is probably more appropriate.

> -4-
> I wanted to mark the port as IGNORE for versions of FreeBSD prior to
> 10-BETA4. But this breaks stuff (see point 6) and I need to know exactly
> what the version number (OSVERSION) is for 10-BETA4.
The fortunes were removed in one of the ALPHA releases if not before then (certainly before 10 was branched to -STABLE), so I'm sure it's
fine to simply target 10.
Anyone still running a version of 10 from when it was still -CURRENT can expect problems anyway.

> COMMENT=	The offensive fortune cookies that used to be in base.
Perhaps it would be better to specify the version - e.g., "The offensive fortune cookies present the 9.x base system that were removed in 10.x."

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