Ports via svn, make fetchindex and make compatibility with NetBSD

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at FreeBSD.org
Wed Dec 4 14:55:35 UTC 2013

On Tue, Dec 03, 2013 at 04:41:17AM -0800, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> Is it necessary to make fetchindex after downloading or updating the ports tree using svn?
> I have new installations of head and 10-stable where I so far can't connect to the Internet, though I can from Linux and NetBSD-current amd64.
> So I use subversion, built on NetBSD from pkgsrc, to checkout and update ports tree as well as system source tree.
> But I believe I can't run "make fetchindex" without Internet connection.
> Now I read that FreeBSD make has switched to bmake in the 10-stable and head branches.
> So could I run "make fetchindex" from NetBSD even if I don't attempt to actually build ports from NetBSD?
> I would have to point the MAKECONF to FreeBSD's /etc/make.conf rather than use NetBSD's /etc/mk.conf which is specific to NetBSD.
> Or is it safe to skip "make fetchindex" entirely?

It is safe :)

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