Staging, poudriere and PYTHON_SITELIBDIR => package won't build

Michael Gmelin freebsd at
Sun Dec 1 20:23:02 UTC 2013

I'm in the process of converting a port to staging, it works ok when
run in my normal environment, but when run using poudriere testport the
package step falls apart (staging is all ok, without violations), e.g.

No such file or directory

Corresponding entry in pkg-plist:

The actual file is in:

Which makes sense, since the port installs it (and all its other files)

        ${ECHO} "Ice" > ${STAGEDIR}${PYTHON_SITELIBDIR}/Ice.pth

The port installs a lot more files of course.

Is this a general problem when PREFIX != LOCALBASE for python ports?

Using poudriere testport -n it works as expected.


Michael Gmelin

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