OPTIONSng: Overide options in /var/db/ports/*/options ?

Marco Steinbach coco at executive-computing.de
Mon Apr 29 20:35:17 UTC 2013

Baptiste Daroussin wrote on 25.03.2013 22:23:
> On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 09:45:19PM +0100, Marco Steinbach wrote:
>> Marco Steinbach wrote on 17.03.2013 21:02:
>>> Baptiste Daroussin wrote on 17.03.2013 19:49:
>>>> On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 07:27:56PM +0100, Marco Steinbach wrote:
>>>>> Chris Rees wrote on 17.03.2013 17:15:
>>>>>> On 17 Mar 2013 15:45, "Marco Steinbach" 
>>>>>> <coco at executive-computing.de> wrote:
>>>>>>> Matthew Seaman wrote on 17.03.2013 14:49:
>>>>>>>> On 17/03/2013 12:16, Marco Steinbach wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>>>> is there a way to overide options stored in /var/db/ports/*/options,
>>>>>>>>> basically getting back the pre-OPTIONSng behaviour of being able to
>>>>>>>>> overide port options in /etc/make.conf ?
>>>>>>>>> Before OPTIONSng was introduced, I was able to specify options in
>>>>>>>>> /etc/make.conf (WITHOUT_X11, WITHOUT_CUPS, WITH_MAILHEAD, WITH_SSL,
>>>>>>>>> WITH_MYSQL, WITH_DOVECOT, ...), which then overode any occurency 
>>>>>>>>> of that
>>>>>>>>> option in any port (or just specific ones, by e.g. checking 
>>>>>>>>> .CURDIR),
>>>>>>>>> regardless of the setting the ports option file contained.
>>>>>>>> Find the uniquename of the port[*] (by 'make -V UNIQUENAME') then in
>>>>>>>> /etc/make.conf
>>>>>>>> uniquename_SET= FOO BAR BAZ
>>>>>>>> uniquename_UNSET= BLURFL
>>>>>>>> will override the default settings in that port's Makefile for the 
>>>>>>>> FOO,
>>>>>>>> BAR, BAZ and BLURFL options.
>>>>>>>> Note: this won't override any settings you make from an options 
>>>>>>>> dialog.
>>>>>>>> Might be a good idea to 'make rmconfig' if you only want to rely on
>>>>>>>> /etc/make.conf
>>>>>>> [...]
>>>>>>> Exactly my point.  Currently, with OPTIONSng there seems to be no 
>>>>>>> way to
>>>>>> overide anything in /var/db/ports/*/options.
>>>>>>> I find it irritating, that I no longer can be sure about options in
>>>>>> /etc/make.conf.  I have to check/reconfigure to make sure.
>>>>>>> As much as I like OPTIONSng (especially in combination with
>>>>>> dialog4ports), this is one thing I'd very much like OPTIONSng to 
>>>>>> relearn:
>>>>>> Enforce options regardless of what's in a ports options file.
>>>>>> No, that's a bad idea.  It's more confusing to have options not 
>>>>>> being set
>>>>>> that are checked in the OPTIONS dialog.
>>>>>> Setting those in make.conf sets defaults, and allows them to be 
>>>>>> overridden
>>>>>> in individual ports.
>>>>> Let's say I never want CUPS, X11, EXAMPLES and DOCS, regardless of 
>>>>> what I willingly or accidentially configured in an OPTIONS dialog (or 
>>>>> is defaulted to in a ports Makefile), either because I didn't 
>>>>> understand the dependancy of a choice, I fat-fingered something or 
>>>>> someone helps me configuring something, and wants to make sure I get 
>>>>> it right:
>>>>> Same goes for the complementary case of having options set forcibly, 
>>>>> either system-wide or per port:
>>>>> particularport_SET_FORCE= EXAMPLES DOCS
>>>>> I'd set these in /etc/make.conf, and be done for good.
>>>>> I have a local patch for that kind of behaviour, but wanted to check 
>>>>> for possible alternatives besides the beaten path, before bothering 
>>>>> bapt at .
>>>> The thing is half of people wants the /var/db/*/options to be the last 
>>>> word, the
>>>> other half want the behaviour you are exposing, so getting a final 
>>>> word that
>>>> will satisfy everyone is hard.
>>> I think the approach of having a choice between the two by allowing for 
>>> a new 'force it down the throat'-mechanism could serve both quite nicely.
>>> Existing /var/db/*/options files would still be read, but options can be 
>>> forcibly set or unset from /etc/make.conf, overriding the corresponding 
>>> options setting in options files.
>>>> I personnally really dislike /var/db/port/*/options and the dialog :).
>>>> The new option framework has been design to:
>>>> 1/ respect the same behaviour has it used to be before: 
>>>> /var/db/port/*/options
>>>> has the final word.
>>>> 2/ provide the ability to users to be able to tune the whole system in a
>>>> consistent way.
>>>> 3/ provide a way to totally disable the dialog thing (NO_DIALOG) so 
>>>> that you
>>>> can't save a option file by mistake.
>>>> What we can probably do in the end is provide a new macro to totally 
>>>> in all
>>>> cases ignore /var/db/port/*/options.
>>>> Would that satisfy your needs?
>>> I'll recap the approaches:
>>> a) Options in /etc/make.conf only take precedence, if no 
>>> /var/db/ports/*/options file exists for a given port
>>> b) Options in /etc/make.conf always take precedence over options of the 
>>> same name read from /var/db/ports/*/options
>>> c) Options in /etc/make.conf are the only source of wisdom, anything in 
>>> /var/db/ports/*/options is ignored
>>> a) is currently in place (*_SET, *_UNSET)
>>> b) is what I'd very much like to see added (*_SET_FORCE, *_UNSET_FORCE)
>>> c) probably comes closer to what you're suggesting
>>> I've attached my current workaround for b), where I simply duplicated 
>>> parts of your code in bsd.options.mk, adding a new suffix.  Maybe this 
>>> further clarifies, what I'm currently missing.
>>> c) would come in handy, if you'd like to make sure nothing whatsoever 
>>> from /var/db/ports/*/options impacts a build.
>> Baptiste, are you considering b) ?
>> MfG CoCo
> I will definitly I need to review you patch and some others I recieved, just I
> need to find time to do it.
> Thanks for reminding and for the patch.
> regards,
> Bapt

Baptiste found the time, reviewed and committed in ports r316825.

Thank you :)

MfG CoCo

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