A package for the ubuntu-font port?

Jan Beich jbeich at tormail.org
Sun Apr 28 11:46:34 UTC 2013

"Grant D. Watson" <grant_watson at yahoo.com> writes:

> Ports folks,
> I sent a message to Kevin Lo, since the ports search site lists his
> address for ubuntu-font, but he said this isn't his area.
> I am a Linux user who's been playing with FreeBSD and enjoying it; in 
> creating and destroying experimental VMs I've made great use of binary 
> packages. For some reason the ubuntu-font port is not available as a 
> package. Would that be difficult to change? It's no hardship to 
> install it from ports of course, but having it as a package would be 
> convenient.

delete-package delete-distfiles

When a port uses Mk/bsd.licenses.mk (defines LICENSE) the permissions
must include pkg-mirror for the package to be redistributed across
freebsd mirrors. ubuntu-font license is currently defined as

  # added by the current maintainer
  LICENSE_NAME=	Ubuntu Font License (UFL)
  LICENSE_PERMS=	auto-accept

where probably all of the following apply (IANAL)

  # Available components for LICENSE_PERMS:
  # dist-mirror	- No free redistribution of distfile (like FTP mirroring; RESTRICTED).
  # dist-sell		- No selling of distfile (like in CD-ROM; NO_CDROM).
  # pkg-mirror	- No free redistribution of package (like FTP upload; NO_PACKAGE).
  # pkg-sell		- No selling of package (like in CD-ROM; NO_CDROM).
  # auto-accept	- If license is accepted by default, without presented
  # 				  agreement, unless the user defines LICENSES_ASK.

And the fix

Index: x11-fonts/ubuntu-font/Makefile
--- x11-fonts/ubuntu-font/Makefile	(revision 315726)
+++ x11-fonts/ubuntu-font/Makefile	(working copy)
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ COMMENT=	Ubuntu font family
 LICENSE_NAME=	Ubuntu Font License (UFL)
-LICENSE_PERMS=	auto-accept
 BUILD_DEPENDS=	fc-cache:${PORTSDIR}/x11-fonts/fontconfig

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