graphics/rawtherapee 4.0.10 issue

Waitman Gobble uzimac at
Sun Apr 28 03:38:30 UTC 2013


I have updated the port for rawtherapee 4.0.10, the new version is totally
There is one issue that I do not understand how to address in my port. 

Since rawtherapee uses OpenMP / libgomp it links to /usr/lib/ which
is from base gcc, and 
too old. even if gcc4.6 is specified in the port it seems to link to gomp in
my current work-around is to update:
/etc/libmap.conf gcc46/ gcc46/ gcc46/ gcc46/ gcc46/

then after make install, rawtherapee is linked to the proper libstdc++ and
libgomp. and runs perfectly.. yay.

SO the question is, how do I address this issue in the port Makefile?? using
USE_GCC=4.6 does not seem to get it to link to the gcc4.6 libraries for some
reason, I'm missing something.

Here is the port if you want to test it. (I would like to solve the libmap
issue and then submit properly with PR)

Here are some notes about what is updated:

Update Makefile rawtherapee to 4.0.10
removed files/patch-AboutThisBuild.cmake
removed files/patch-CMakeLists.txt

These changes are no longer required with updated cmake files in wrksrc

This depency will pull in x11-toolkits/gtk30 which cannot be built by base gcc
because of a
duplicate typdef of PointerBarrier in XInput2.h, however gcc4.6+ (tested with
will build gtk30 (and possibly clang, untested)
USE_GNOME= gtk30

added USE_GCC= 4.6
(needs newer in /usr/local/lib/gcc46, base libgomp doesn't work)

added cmake:outsource to avoid CMake error about in-source build

updated pkg-plist

Thanks so much for any help/pointers.

Waitman Gobble
San Jose California USA

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