math/ggobi does not build, if graphics/graphviz installed

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Thu Apr 25 20:39:06 UTC 2013

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On 4/25/13 12:02 PM, Rainer Hurling wrote:
> On 25.04.2013 17:02 (UTC+2), Greg Larkin wrote:
>> On 4/25/13 1:39 AM, Rainer Hurling wrote:
>>> Am 24.04.2013 22:53 (UTC+1) schrieb Greg Larkin:
>>>> On 4/24/13 1:38 PM, Rainer Hurling wrote:
>>>>> Oops, sorry for answering myself. But the typo gremlin 
>>>>> appeared.
>>>>> On 23.04.2013 18:38 (UTC+2), Rainer Hurling wrote:
>>>>>> Dear developers,
>>>>>> I am the maintainer of math/ggobi and I could need some
>>>>>> help for a longstanding problem with the build of ggobi
>>>>>> (not seen by tinderbox):
>>>>>> With graphics/graphviz installed, math/ggobi finds this 
>>>>>> external installation by its configure script in 
>>>>>> plugins/GraphLayout. Then it tries to use it instead of
>>>>>> its internal graphviz version and fails when trying to
>>>>>> build the port.
>>>>> The configure also sets HAVE_LIBGVC=1.
>>>>>> The diff between graphics/graphviz/Makefile with/without
>>>>>>  external
>>>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ plugins/GraphLayout/Makefile
>>>>>> graphviz found is like this (the first version does not 
>>>>>> build):
>>>>>> 158,159c158,159 < LIBGVC_CFLAGS = 
>>>>>> -I/usr/local/include/graphviz < LIBGVC_LIBS = 
>>>>>> -L/usr/local/lib/graphviz -lgvc -lgraph -lcdt ---
>>>>>> I am looking for either an elegant way to forbid this 
>>>>>> configure script to use the external graphviz or to use
>>>>>> the external graphviz correctly, when installed.
>>>>>> If this would be possible, an option in the ports
>>>>>> Makefile could switch between them (and install external
>>>>>> graphviz, if wanted).
>>>>>> Could someone with more experience be so kind to push me
>>>>>> in the right direction, please.
>>>>>> Many thanks in advance, Rainer Hurling
>>>> Hi Rainer,
>>>> Can you post an excerpt of the build failure log file when 
>>>> math/ggobi attempts to build graphics/graphviz?
>>> Hi Greg,
>>> I created an excerpt of the build log and put it together with
>>>  config.log as a zip in the attachment.
>>> Please tell me, if I should provide more information.
>>> Many thanks for your answer, Rainer
>>>> Thank you, Greg
>> Hi Rainer,
>> Can you send all config.log files that appear in the ggobi work 
>> directory?  That would include any that appear in the plugin
>> build subdirectories.
> Yep, of course. The attached zip should contain them all.
> Thanks again, Rainer
>> Thank you, Greg

Hi Rainer,

There doesn't appear to be an easy way to convince
plugins/GraphLayout/configure to ignore an already-installed version
of graphviz, and I don't see any patches for ggobi that enable it to
support new versions of graphviz.

At this point, I would add a post-configure target to the port
Makefile and use it to patch plugins/GraphLayout/Makefile and
plugins/GraphLayout/config.h to remove support for libgvc.  I did that
manually, and I was able to build the plugin by hand with graphviz
still installed.

Hope that helps,

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