Daniel Nebdal dnebdal at
Tue Apr 23 20:12:45 UTC 2013

Den 23. apr. 2013 17:00 skrev "M Rusli" <linuxsecuritymrusli at>
> Hi
> Is there any newer version of cups version 1.6.2
> Because freebsd only have the older version 1.5.2.
> How do I know whether what usb printers commonly support Freebsd?

You could check . As long as it doesn't require
a binary it should be fine, and even if it does it can probably be made to
work. At a guess, anything that speaks PCL or postscript should be OK; that
includes most cheap lasers, but fewer of the inkjets.
(I have no idea how this has changed the last years.)

Daniel Nebdal

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