[HEADS UP] Ports Slush is now in effect

FreeBSD Ports Management Team Secretary portmgr-secretary at FreeBSD.org
Mon Apr 22 16:07:12 UTC 2013

Just to make it official, the ports slush is over.

Ports committers are now able to perform regular updates, business as usual,
no need for portmgr@ approvals.

Keep in mind that -exp runs are always a good idea if you think there is a
significant change to the ports tree.

It is anticipated that a FreeBSD 9.2 release schedule could be upon us
quickly so we have elected to lift the slush period a little sooner than
planned.  We would like committers and maintainers alike to work on keeping
the ports tree in shape for the next cycle.

Additionally, we also have a FreeBSD 10.0 release coming up in the
unspecified future, and many ports have work-arounds applied for them to
work with autotools and for Clang.  We would like all porters to use this
extra time to ensure their ports build on 10.X, and work with upstream
support to integrate FreeBSD related patches.

As always, this is not a reason to break the INDEX, please exercise due
diligence before performing all commits.

on behalf of portmgr@

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