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David Demelier demelier.david at
Wed Apr 17 19:01:43 UTC 2013

2013/2/26 Hiroki Sato <hrs at>:
> Hello,
>  Ports to replace print/*teTeX* with TeX Live 2012 are ready for
>  testing.  Please note that this is not the final version and
>  committing the new ones into the ports tree will go in the following
>  phases:
>   1. Commit print/texlive-full for full version of TeX Live.
>   2. Update ports which depend on teTeX to make them possible to
>      select teTeX or TeX Live.  teTeX by default at this phase.  Split
>      TeX Live ports into smaller ones as necessary in parallel.
>   3. Switch the default to TeX Live.
>   4. Remove print/*teTeX*.
>  The patch for phase 1 can be found at the following URL:
>  This consists of the following ports:
>   print/texlive-full
>   print/texlive-base
>   print/texlive-texmf
>   print/tex-ptexenc
>   print/xetex
>   print/luatex
>   devel/kpathsea
>   devel/web2c
>  Please try to install print/texlive-full.  The total size of the
>  installed files will be ~3GB, so be careful of free space on your
>  disk.  While these ports still include some rough edges, all bits of
>  the TeX Live 2012 should be installed.  Note that they cannot coexist
>  with the other TeX-related ports based on teTeX---this means you need
>  to remove all of TeX-related ports first.  If you want a stable
>  version, please wait for migration procedure which will be submitted
>  in the end of phase 2.
>  Non-English engines like pTeX also work but dviware (xdvi, dvips,
>  dvipdfmx, ...) for them and non-standard font maps are not included
>  (or activated) yet.  They will be added when updating the existing
>  ports for the engine-specific versions of dviware.
>  Some combinations of the ports on which TeX Live depends may lead to
>  a build problem due to version mismatch.  If you notice build failure
>  or something wrong with the behavior, please send a report to me
>  directly via email.  Thank you.

Thanks for your work! I've never touched LaTeX in my life and wanted
texlive to be in ports before starting learning it. However I can't
believe it takes 3Go of disk space. Why is this so big?


Demelier David

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