Current unassigned ports problem reports

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Mon Apr 15 11:06:03 UTC 2013

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/177859            [maintainer-update] mail/sieve-connect: update to 0.85
f ports/177857            [patch] Update x11/slim to 1.3.5
f ports/177855            [patch update] multimedia/libbluray 0.2.2 -> 0.2.3
o ports/177851            [patch] devel/cross-binutils: Fix and update to 2.23.2
o ports/177842            Update print/pdfbox to version 1.8.1
o ports/177841            [maintainer update] update math/dynare to 4.3.3
f ports/177839            New version of news/nzbget (10.1)
f ports/177797            [PATCH] mail/postfix-policyd-spf-python: update to 1.1
o ports/177790            [new port] security/axTLS
f ports/177775            multimedia/gtk-youtube-viewer: properly support depend
o ports/177774            [patch] net/nbd-server update to 3.3
f ports/177763            net-mgmt/nagiosql: Missing dependency php5-filter
f ports/177758            security/amavisd-milter does not build on FreeBSD 9.1
f ports/177757            [PATCH] www/awstats: update to 7.1.1,1
f ports/177755            [patch] devel/rbenv: fix rbenv-init completions
o ports/177753            New port: sysutils/slurm-devel
o ports/177745            New port: science/lammps
o ports/177744            New port: science/lammps-openmpi
f ports/177741            net-mgmt/sipcalc cannot handle ipv6 zone index
o ports/177739            Update port: sysutils/webjob 1.8.0 --> 1.9.0
o ports/177738            Update port: security/ftimes 3.8.0 --> 3.10.0
o ports/177737            New port: devel/libklel - The KoreLogic Expression Lan
o ports/177733            [maintainer update] graphics/nomacs update to version 
o ports/177726            cad/p5-Verilog-Perl: update of p5-Verilog-Perl
o ports/177724            New port: math/matlab-R2012a-installer
o ports/177723            New port: devel/linux-f10-ncurses-base
f ports/177721            multimedia/mplayer: Missing dependency
o ports/177719            maintainer update: devel/swig20
o ports/177718            maintainer update: sysutils/desktop-installer
o ports/177717            update finance/opentaxsolver for TY 2012
o ports/177716            maintainer update: sysutils/auto-admin
o ports/177715            Port: sysutils/procenv Utility to show process environ
o ports/177692            New port: science/openkim
o ports/177684            [maintainer update] www/xpi-pentadactyl
o ports/177676            [PATCH] net-mgmt/net-mgmt/argus3: Fix MANPAGES=no
o ports/177675            [PATCH] net-mgmt/argus3-clients: Fix MANPAGES=no
f ports/177669            news/nzbget - PostProcess script terminated with unkno
o ports/177665            [MAINTAINER] lang/rust: update to 0.6
o ports/177664            sysutils/ddrescue -- remove unnecessary lzip dependenc
o ports/177656            www/rssroll: maintainer-update update port's version f
o ports/177651            New port: security/openiked OpenBSD's IKEv2 daemon
o ports/177650            [Update] net-p2p/ncdc to 1.16.1
o ports/177649            [NEW PORT] net/hanstunnel: Hans makes it possible to t
o ports/177643            Update port graphics/fotoxx to latest version
o ports/177641            [new port] devel/kyua-cli Kyua (automated testing fram
o ports/177640            [new port] devel/kyua-atf-compat ATF compatibility too
o ports/177637            [new port] devel/kyua-testers: pluggable test interfac
o ports/177632            [MAINTAINER] net-mgmt/netdisco: rc script corrections
o ports/177626            Update port net/nbd-server to 3.2
f ports/177612            mail/dovecot2: [PATCH] fix bad plist
f ports/177610            security/maia makefile check for mysql-client does not
o ports/177603            [update]: databases/tarantool up to date
o ports/177591            [update]: devel/libpo6 up to date
o ports/177589            [maintainer update] misc/vifm: update to 0.7.4b
f ports/177588            ports-mgmt/porttools: does not permit SVN diff mode ou
f ports/177586            [patch] multimedia/mencoder was lost LZO_DESC
o ports/177584            New port: sysutils/graffer  - utility which collects n
o ports/177583            [update]: misc/qmetro up to latest
o ports/177579            [update]: devel/avro-cpp up to date
o ports/177575            new port: security/rcracki_mt
o ports/177567            Port Maintainer Upgrade: sysutils/tbku
o ports/177565            [NEW PORT] www/trac-keywordsecretticket: Adds ticket s
o ports/177562            [update]: security/ckpass up to latest version
o ports/177561            [update]: security/libkpass up to latest version
o ports/177543            [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] from sysutils/zogftw 2013-02-08 to
o ports/177541            [new port] devel/lunit unit testing framework for lua 
o ports/177524            [patch] audio/squeezeboxserver: p5-Path-Class-0.32 inc
o ports/177512            Make emulators/snes9express compile again
o ports/177508            Apache License not part of Copyfree Standard Definitio
o ports/177506            irc/unreal: Update UnrealIRCD to 3.2.10
f ports/177503            textproc/pdfgrep ffails to build, upgrade required
f ports/177497            mail/dovecot startup script breaks onestart functional
f ports/177494            [patch] lang/gauche update to
f ports/177493            [patch] change games/minecraft-client to use openjdk7
o ports/177486            [NEW PORT] mail/opendmarc: DMARC library an milter imp
f ports/177467            mail/dbmail install error when lang/perl5.14 has unset
o ports/177441            [NEW PORT] net/tcpsplit: Breaks a libpcap trace along 
o ports/177438            [New port] textproc/rubygem-zmq: a simple gem wrapper 
o ports/177418            [New Port] math/cloog
f ports/177416            mail/postgrey has surfaced a bug in perl's taint check
o ports/177411            [NEW PORT] databases/mysql-udf-ipv6: MySQL UDFs provid
f ports/177407            graphics/fotoxx: MASTER_SITES
f ports/177406            update port and add arch: lang/mlton
o ports/177401            Mk/ move -DLDAP_DEPRECATED from CFLAGS to C
f ports/177397            [patch] security/heimdal: fix conflict between heimdal
o ports/177391            multimedia/libcec update to 2.1.1
f ports/177371            sysutils/smartmontools - triggers channel blocking
o ports/177370            New port: audio/opusfile
f ports/177368            [PATCH] net/fping: Add option to compile in timestamps
o ports/177364            [patch] math/scilab port build fails configuration ste
o ports/177363            graphics/pqiv aborts when opening an image
f ports/177357            [UPDATE] x11-themes/gtk-murrine-engine to 0.98.2
o ports/177353            [PATCH] ftp/yafc: fix for NLS support
o ports/177347            [patch] x11/xtrlock needs to run setuid root
f ports/177340            [PATCH] devel/php-xdebug: update to 2.2.2
o ports/177336            New port: security/sav
o ports/177300            New port: java/intellij  IntelliJ IDEA Community Editi
f ports/177285            [patch] fix audio/audacity build with samplerate=off
f ports/177242            x11-wm/wmconfig port update to version 1.3.8
o ports/177236            devel/pmd - fix for building with strict unicode Java
f ports/177222            deskutils/cairo-dock-plugins won't build
o ports/177220            New Port: ports-mgmt/chucky
f ports/177212            [PATCH] net/nss_ldap: options ng
o ports/177211            net-mgmt/cflowd: cflowd fix
o ports/177208            [NEW PORT] databases/yac: Yac is a user data cache bas
f ports/177207            multimedia/xbmc maint update to 12.1
f ports/177206            [patch] graphics/optipng: update to 0.7.4 and fix CVE-
f ports/177193            audio/moc: please include FLAC support by default in p
o ports/177182            audio/mixxx segmentation fault
f ports/177152            sysutils/fusefs-kmod missing pkg-message file
o ports/177113            [MAINTAINER] update net/torsocks to version 1.2_1
o ports/177112            [maintainer] devel/ocaml-camlp5 update to 6.08
o ports/177103            security/secure_delete & MASTER_SITES is
o ports/177101            [new port] www/qupzilla a QtWebKit web browser
o ports/177100            [maintainer] security/libgcrypt update to 1.5.1
o ports/177074            [fix] audio/timidity and audio/guspat
o ports/177071            editors/slime not working with emacs-24
o ports/177042            [new port] emulators/ucon64
o ports/177033            [maintainer update] german/BBBike update to 3.18
o ports/177014            new port: databases/sqlayer
f ports/176994            lang/abcl: upgrade to version 1.1.1
f ports/176986            [PATCH] games/uqm: Install the music and voice addons 
f ports/176932            [PATCH] net-mgmt/nfsen: add missing RUN_DEPENDS
o ports/176893            editors/libreoffice doesn't start - crashed
f ports/176874            sysutils/fusefs-sshfs crashes on amd64
o ports/176823            [NEW PORT] www/redaxo: The REDAXO content management s
f ports/176816            www/privoxy+ipv6 is obsolete
o ports/176811            [PATCH] editors/semi-xemacs21-mule: should be unbreake
f ports/176805            rc scripts provided with security/heimdal haven't a co
o ports/176767            [patch] net-im/ari-yahoo broken on freebsd-head
o ports/176745            [new ports] www/eaccelerator-devel: PHP 5.4 compatible
o ports/176720            sysutils/syslinux 5.01 not installing all c32 files
o ports/176716            [patch] devel/boehm-gc update to 7.2d combining previo
o ports/176708            x11-fonts/code2001: broken checksum
o ports/176706            www/mambo: MASTER_SITES dns expired
o ports/176700            Update ports-mgmt/kports and kports-qt4 to prevent bui
f ports/176677            sysutils/ezjail does not support jailnames with non-ap
o ports/176666            x11/fireflies buildfailure
o ports/176660            [ports] editors/pdfedit: build failure on ia64 -curren
o ports/176651            NEW PORT: graphics/flashprojector - Adobe standalone S
o ports/176625            New Port: ports-mgmt/prhistory-sync-perl Sync GNATS PR
o ports/176615            New port: deskutils/cairo-dock3, Cairo-Dock is a light
o ports/176613            New port: devel/libgdbmgr, vim interface to gdb
o ports/176480            [NEW PORT] x11-wm/compton: Compton is a compositor for
o ports/176468            www/sams can not use the mask /32, with authorization 
o ports/176456            NEW PORT: lang/jsawk - Command-line JSON parser
o ports/176445            New port: audio/icecast-kh Streaming mp3/ogg-vorbis au
s ports/176442            Port files with double-colons cannot exist on FAT part
f ports/176439            net/fping: Possible Fping incompatibility with FreeBSD
f ports/176438            net-mgmt/nrpe2 consuming cpu when handling new connect
o ports/176429            New Port: sysutils/ori - Ori Distributed File System
f ports/176423            audio/clementine-player: always needs two starts
f ports/176383            sysutils/ipmitool cannot connect over SOL
o ports/176382            ports dependencies not being recorded
o ports/176378            [PATCH] Fix several typos in the ports tree
o ports/176377            New port: sysutils/cbsd Yet another FreeBSD Jail Manag
o ports/176352            ports rebuilds unneeded packages
o ports/176290            Utilize CDN
o ports/176195            [PATCH] games/cre: Set NO_WRKSUBDIR and BUILD_WRKSRC i
f ports/176180            mail/mailman broken without NLS
f ports/176178            Implement upstream fix where multiple net/iaxmodem ins
f ports/176172            graphics/povray37: /usr/local/bin/ld: disp_sdl.o: unde
o ports/176130            New port: www/cakephp23
o ports/176096            [NEW PORT] www/xibo-server: Xibo - Digital Signage (se
o ports/176095            [NEW PORT] www/zikula: MVC web application framework (
f ports/176047            ports: graphics/ImageMagick: -delay option spurious me
f ports/176044            ports: print/ghostview (1.5_3) segfault/coredump
f ports/176012            irc/inspircd fails to detect OpenSSL in base running r
f ports/175987            audio/clementine-player 1.1.0_1  - album art not displ
o ports/175947            [NEW PORT] www/sogo: Groupware server with a focus on 
o ports/175946            [NEW PORT] devel/sope: An extensive set of GNUstep web
f ports/175944            [PATCH] x11-wm/obmenu: OptionsNG, changed Makefile, De
f ports/175936            [NEW PORT] x11-wm/lxmed: LXDE Main Menu Editor
f ports/175868            security/nessus-libnasl: nasl_crypto.c:25:10: fatal er
f ports/175813            [patch] mail/dovecot2 doesn't detect libstemmer or ext
f ports/175798            FreeBSD 10 unable to build sysutils/fusefs-kmod
f ports/175772            Update to finance/php-tclink
o ports/175748            New port: www/your-freedom A SOCKS proxy application
f ports/175733            devel/libatomic_ops:  Segmentation fault :  install  -
f ports/175656            [patch] databases/sqlite3: update to
o ports/175620            New port: devel/bashdb, Bash debugger
o ports/175612            New port: devel/remake  version of GNU make utility th
f ports/175611            sysutils/zfs-periodic package do not enable cron to ho
f ports/175534            [patch] net-mgmt/rackmonkey: Fix a redirect
o ports/175527            security/expiretable doesn't work in FreeBSD 9.x
f ports/175523            pkgng: mail/dovecot2-pigeonhole conflicts with mail/do
f ports/175429            audio/clementine-player: build error
o ports/175385            dns/fastresolve does not compile
o ports/175308            [NEW PORT] graphics/linux-f10-sdl_ttf: SDL graphics dr
o ports/175307            [NEW PORT] graphics/linux-f10-sdl_gfx: SDL graphics dr
o ports/175274            [NEW PORT] audio/linux-f10-libsndfile: Reading and wri
o ports/175234            update multimedia/qmmp, multimedia/qmmp-plugin-pack
o ports/175233            devel/boehm-gc: GC does not scan static roots in share
o ports/175229            x11-toolkit/swt-devel fails
o ports/175219            www/yabb upgrade
f ports/175121            devel/buildapp does not produce executable file
o ports/175113            devel/freeocl: Port revision PORTREVISION=1
f ports/175107            devel/opencl: bug in CL/cl_ext.h (upstream):
o ports/175068            [PATCH] net/proxychains: update to 4.4, take maintaine
o ports/174988            New port: net/tclsoap
o ports/174960            sysutils/fusefs-ntfs mkntfs fails because of "no block
o ports/174951            [PATCH] games/vamos: added OptionsNG, icon, desktop en
o ports/174947            [new port] ftp/php5-dav, php5 webdav module, allowing 
o ports/174940            [new port]: misc/valspeak, a filter that converts Engl
o ports/174911            [PATCH] cad/leocad: update to 0.79.1, take maintainers
f ports/174898            graphics/openimageio: pkg: (openimageio-1.1.2) /usr/lo
o ports/174883            databases/grass: cut: ../dist.amd64-portbld-freebsd10.
f ports/174867            irc/unreal: Port Update to UnrealIRCD
o ports/174841            graphics/sane-frontends fails to build
f ports/174815            [PATCH] print/cups-base: Fixed 3 fatal errors, icons, 
f ports/174798            audio/soundtracker: request to add system menu item/en
o ports/174795            x11-toolskits/open-motif: Installing open-motif-2.3.4.
s ports/174788            www/squid32 fails to build when heimdal 1.5.2 installe
f ports/174764            [patch] upgrade databases/postgis to 1.5.8 (fixes comp
o ports/174746            Segmentation fault in security/prelude-lml
o ports/174705            update devel/php5-ice to new version and rename existi
o ports/174667            [new port] sysutils/ksysguardd3 (KDE3 ksysguardd)
o ports/174655            japanese/mutt-devel: mutt ja patch new version release
o ports/174647            [NEW PORT] net/infinispan: Open source highly scalable
f ports/174583            devel/libreadline-java: patch for UTF8 support
o ports/174567            [PATCH]: Fix mxml linking on amd64
o ports/174561            [patch] upgrade devel/avr-binutils from 2.20.1 to 2.22
o ports/174560            [patch] upgrade devel/avr-gcc from 4.5.1 to 4.6.2
o ports/174559            [patch] add vendor patchset to devel/avr-libc
f ports/174553            editors/tea fails to upgrade from 'tea-33.3.0' to 'tea
f ports/174487            mail/notmuch fails to build during portupgrade
o ports/174368            New port: lang/nimrod The Nimrod programming language.
s ports/174342            [NEW PORT] irc/shirk: Modular IRC bot based on the Twi
o ports/174308            [] cyrus-sasl-2.1.25_2 will not compile
f ports/174303            [PATCH] Update devel/libgta to version 1.0.4
o ports/174289            net/ssvnc build fails - configure: error: /usr/bin/cpp
f ports/174237            databases/php5-redis - zAdd does not set the correct s
o ports/174131            net/citrix_ica: Update port to
f ports/174129            [Maintainer-Update] print/cups-bjnp to latest
f ports/174118            graphics/pecl-gmagick
o ports/174069            [PATCH] misc/explosions: OptionsNG, added categories, 
o ports/174057            [PATCH] misc/cmatrix: OptionsNG, added license, mtx.pc
o ports/174055            Default Linux ALSA configuration update request
o ports/174022            [PATCH] games/gnurobots: Added OptionsNG, license, des
f ports/174018            Can't disable security/sshguard -b option
o ports/174015            [PATCH] finance/venice: update to 0.751beta, take main
o ports/173998            textproc/xalan-c from version 1.10 to 1.11
o ports/173996            net-mgmt/p5-Cflow: add support for net-mgmt/flow-tools
o ports/173888            [NEW PORT] games/sudoku-sensei: Enjoy playing with Sud
o ports/173882            [PATCH] games/xsc: Changed Comment, added Deskop entri
o ports/173881            [NEW PORT] games/vodovod: Cross-platform pipe connecti
o ports/173880            [PATCH] games/pipenightdreams: Added Portdoss, Desktop
o ports/173875            [PATCH] games/cuyo: update to 2.0.0,1, Added License, 
f ports/173858            sysutils/bsdadminscripts installs pkg_libchk that does
f ports/173726            [patch] games/stonesoup
f ports/173638            net-mgmt/nagios_plugins [PATCH] Revised 
o ports/173615            textproc/db2latex 0.8p1_1 has bad xls [patch]
o ports/173581            new port submission, security/sagan
f ports/173543            net/ucarp / vlan interfaces
o ports/173542            [PATCH] graphics/fracplanet: take maintainership, Make
o ports/173534            [NEW PORT] games/wizznic: Implementation of the arcade
o ports/173505            java/java3d does not compile
f ports/173490            www/squid32 - missing kerberos helper
f ports/173489            [PATCH] databases/mysqltuner: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/173464            [PATCH] emulators/linux-pete-mesagpu: update to 1.77, 
o ports/173463            [PATCH] emulators/linux-peops-softgpu: update to 1.18,
o ports/173462            [PATCH] emulators/linux-pete-xgl2gpu: update to 2.9, t
o ports/173457            [NEW PORT] games/edgar: 2D platform game with a persis
o ports/173438            lang/tuareg-mode.el
f ports/173412            failed to install lang/gnat-aux
f ports/173369            math/gnuplot+: avoid conflicts with math/gnuplot
o ports/173368            [PATCH] games/glmaze: OptionsNG, changed Makefile, add
o ports/173352            [PATCH] games/gtkatlantic: OptionsNG, changed Makefile
o ports/173351            [PATCH] games/4stattack: OptionsNG, Makefile simplifie
o ports/173350            [PATCH] games/ppracer: OptionsNG, Makefile changed, ta
o ports/173335            [PATCH] games/xarchon: OptionsNG, changed Makefile, pk
o ports/173314            [PATCH] graphics/comix: OptionsNG, changed Makefile, p
o ports/173282            New port: security/keepassx2 Cross Platform Password M
o ports/173241            devel/pmd fails to install
f ports/173230            sysutils/parallel 20121022 complains about defined(@ar
o ports/173194            [new port] java/eclipse-birt: BIRT plugin for Eclipse 
f ports/173191            lang/squeak: invalid dependency.
o ports/173188            [PATCH] games/wordplay: Makefile changed, OptionsNG, t
o ports/173184            [PATCH] games/abe: Makefile changed, removed pkg-plist
o ports/173179            [PATCH] games/aop: Makefile changed, OptionsNG, take m
o kern/173030             [atf] [patch] emulators/open-vm-tools: fix clang compi
o ports/173021            [NEW PORT] www/jetspeed2: Open Source Portal, written 
o ports/172981            [NEW PORT] devel/allegro-devel5: Cross-platform librar
o ports/172967            [restore port] www/asterisk-gui for asterisk 1.6 to as
o ports/172944            [NEW PORT] games/oneisenough: Economic development in 
o ports/172917            textproc/syck: LuaYAML-Testcases test-suite for lua ex
o ports/172863            [NEW PORT] net/pjsip: Multimedia communication library
f ports/172837            lang/swi-pl compiles with databases/libiodbc
f ports/172800            [PATCH] fix build/install for audio/hydrogen
f ports/172750            graphics/luminance does not compile if graphics/libraw
f ports/172713            ports-mgmt/portbuilder hangs building x11/xorg on i386
f ports/172595            New port: net-p2p/pushpoold bitcoin push-mining pool s
f ports/172441            chinese/fcitx should be in 'textproc' instead of 'chin
o ports/172439            [New Port] chinese/fcitx-table-yonh: Pinyin-like input
f ports/172361            lang/gnustep-base fail to configure with clang
f ports/172353            multimedia/mencoder does not build with clang on amd64
f ports/172272            www/speedtest-mini - port not working
o ports/172168            [new port] comms/libdlo: the basis for the DisplayPort
f ports/172141            [PATCH] deskutils/q4wine: update to 0.121, OptionsNG, 
f ports/172139            www/squid31
f ports/171950            devel/tnt: include/tnt/tnt_sparse_matrix_csr.h:97:3: e
o ports/171945            sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs crash since fusefs-libs updat
o ports/171932            wrong excutable program installed in ports/biology/mop
o ports/171921            New port: devel/ocltools:
o ports/171903            net-mgmt/observium port should only provide dependenci
f ports/171893            [BUG] sysutils/ezjail: ezjail_admin update -b (Cannot 
f ports/171886            [PATCH] multimedia/gpac-mp4box: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
f ports/171878            textproc/libsphinxclient port is incompatible with sph
o ports/171870            [NEW PORT] games/visualspell: Challenges players to us
o ports/171869            [NEW PORT] games/multiplik12: Educational game for lea
f ports/171868            [new port] net/remotebox: Open Source VirtualBox Clien
o ports/171855            [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/node-statsd - Simple daemon for ea
f ports/171850            Misleading pkg install option in sysutils/fusefs-kmod
f ports/171849            databases/postgis: port switches compiler! GCC -> CLAN
f ports/171818            Please add option for Python-integration to sysutils/b
o ports/171801            [patch] www/sams: Problem with creating MySQL database
o ports/171792            patch: allow games/xmille to select starting player ra
o ports/171735            [NEW PORT] editors/py31-loook-devel: Simple Python too
o ports/171734            [NEW PORT] editors/py27-loook: Simple Python tool that
o ports/171675            [NEW PORT] games/cocos2d: Framework for building 2D ga
f ports/171669            www/hastymail2 clobbers plugin settings
o ports/171605            net-mgmt/netams 3.4.5 compilation error
o ports/171603            [NEW PORT] games/py27-dcross: Blocks fall from the top
o ports/171602            [NEW PORT] games/py27-cargocarrier: Collect cargo crat
o ports/171576            [NEW PORT] games/py27-bombz: Simple 2D puzzle game wit
o ports/171559            [NEW PORT] games/airstrike: 2d biplane dogfight game
o ports/171552            [NEW PORT] games/traingame: Game about Trains
f ports/171539            [patch] net-mgmt/nrpe2 small fixes
o ports/171392            [NEW PORT] games/py27-super_mario_bros_python: Clone o
o ports/171391            [NEW PORT] games/py27-pytowerdefense: Tower Defense Ga
f ports/171338            both databases/mariadb-scripts and databases/mariadb-s
o ports/171332            [NEW PORT] games/py27-pythonsudoku: Text and graphical
o ports/171236            [NEW PORT] games/schwarzweiss: Tank game for 2 players
f ports/171231            audio/clementine-player starts only at the second time
o ports/171224            [NEW PORT] games/bouncy: You are a hungry rabbit. Eat 
o ports/171176            new port: net/winexe
f ports/171160            sysutils/loganalyzer depends on php5
o ports/171149            new port: textproc/imsettings - a framework manages in
o ports/171106            New Port: net/jdownloader - Download manager (java)
f ports/171079            graphics/rawtherapee hangs x11
o ports/171019            [new port] science/isis3: USGS ISIS3 planetary mapping
o ports/171017            [new port] astro/cspice: New scientific port: NASA/NAI
f ports/170882            sysutils/bacula-server - Feature Request - Change sysc
o ports/170819            New port: net-mgmt/UniFi UniFi Wireless Controller
o ports/170695            sysutils/fusefs-ntfs - instant reboot when mv from UFS
o ports/170662            [NEW PORT] devel/pymunk: A easy-to-use pythonic 2d phy
o ports/170661            [NEW PORT] graphics/py27-pyglet-devel: Cross-platform 
f ports/170537            devel/libftdi seems broken on i386 and amd64
o ports/170448            [NEW PORT] devel/allegro5: Allegro 5 is a game program
o ports/170417            Update port: sysutils/grub2 to 2.00
o ports/170406            [patch] audio/oss: implicit declaration of 'device_set
o ports/170405            [patch] audio/oss: respect SYSDIR/SRC_BASE
f ports/170381            x11/slim window manager gives dbus errors starting xfc
f ports/170366            lang/libobjc2: update to 1.6.1
f ports/170339            www/node: segmentation violation in v8::internal::Hand
o ports/170241            [PATCH] devel/libftdi: upgrade to 0.20 and fix automak
f ports/170186            Update sysutils/modules to version 3.2.9
f ports/170100            astro/orsa: version 0.7.0 in ports hopelessly outdated
o ports/170000            emulators/vmware-tools6: Can not install VMware Tools 
o ports/169807            multimedia/gnome-mplayer fails to build with NOTIFY su
o ports/169741            [new port] devel/visualparadigm
f ports/169716            net-mgmt/ndpmon several problems with build and instal
o ports/169628            sysutils/devcpu-data
f ports/169521            astro/weatherspect: Exiting with SIGUse of uninitializ
o ports/169371            port graphics/sane-backends segfaults
f ports/169333            [PATCH] sysutils/syslog-ng2: move sample config to EXA
f ports/169322            New port: net/armsd: SMFv2/ARMS Service Adapter daemon
f ports/169165            sysutils/fusefs-kmod: calling fchown(2) on sshfs files
o ports/169138            net/dhcp6 rc.d script should run BEFORE: NETWORKING
f ports/168935            www/firefox-remote shares PORTNAME with www/firefox
o ports/168926            Second '' out of range 0..59 at security/snort-r
o ports/168861            devel/tkcvs: tkdiff no longer runs correctly
o ports/168647            Remove trailing spaces from all ports-related files
f ports/168407            [patch] lang/gauche: update to, unbreak
o ports/168404            [NEW PORT] databases/dev-sqlite3: This is a developmen
o ports/168328            [REPOCOPY] devel/codeblocks --> devel/codeblocks-devel
f ports/168319            graphics/qiviewer: Not displaying image jpeg
o ports/168114            [NEW PORT] games/duckmaze: A game about a duck that is
o ports/167759            [New Ports] x11-wm/e17-modules-ecomorph and x11-wm/eco
f ports/167691            security/heimdal: problem compiling kerberos/heimdal
f ports/167090            sysutils/ezjail: Invalid command line option in ezjail
o ports/167042            New port: net-p2p/tahoe-lafs
f ports/167031            security/heimdal ignore environment after process call
f ports/166987            net/nss_ldap: ports/152982 causes nss_ldap to not func
o ports/166826            New port: misc/libphidget The driver for Phidgets devi
o ports/166812            New port: mail/bounceHammer
f ports/166522            lang/f77: Fortran 77 compiler always exits with error 
f ports/166006            Problem with postfix and mail/mailman integration
f ports/165672            sysutils/bacula-server doesn't install all symlinks ne
o ports/165586            New port german/lx-office-erp, sql-ledger fork with ex
o ports/165565            New port: www/mod_auth_token Token-based authenticatio
o ports/164306            update mail/mailagent to 3.1.77 and utmpx fix
o ports/164197            smsd(comms/smstools3) doesn't read some configurations
o ports/164060            net/ucarp doesn't work on FreeBSD 9.0-PRERELEASE
o ports/163955            input packet for interface are counted twice
o ports/163850            New port: cad/linux-bricscad
f ports/163126            security/sshguard changed from syslog.conf to daemon b
o ports/162045            print/ghostview 1.5_2 coredumps on certain files
o ports/161578            devel/strace is not working
f ports/161278            net/dante: getoutaddr(): address [...] selected, but n
o ports/158983            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-dtrace: PHP DTrace provider
o ports/158791            Update security/openvas-*
o ports/157313            cad/spice SEGV
o ports/157107            conflict between mail/p5-Mail-SPF and mail/libspf2
o ports/156834            New port: games/fairymax-devel latest version of games
o ports/151747            new port: emulators/wine-fbsd64: request for (a variat
o i386/138737             [endian] [patch] Patch for bswap64(9) operation on IA 
o ports/107354            net/icmpinfo: icmpinfo -vvv does not recocnize any ICM

408 problems total.

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