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Michael Gmelin freebsd at
Sat Apr 13 12:29:30 UTC 2013


These PRs didn't get feedback in a while, some of them are fairly
trivial patches, maybe the respective maintainers could take a look:

1. ports/171546: [PATCH] databases/mysql55-server: Allow compilation
   using Clang in C++11 mode
   Trivial patch, also confirmed upstream, but not in there yet. PR
   contains all details/links.

2. ports/171523: [PATCH] devel/boost-libs: Allow building using Clang,
   C++11 and libc++
   This might need some review by the new maintainer, but nothing
   happened so far - it's possible that the problems have been solved
   upstream already though.

3. www/172195: PR database corrupts patches:
   If there is anything I could do to help resolving this please let me

4. ports/168479: Mk/ [patch] portaudit reports
   vulnerability on database update
   The patch included only fixes to that specific problem, as I learned
   today others have similar problems under other circumstances.

5. kern/175514: [patch] Support PKI in libfetch for HTTP over SSL
   I had some discussions with des regarding indentation off list, but
   none about the actual patch or the functionality it provides. It's
   production ready, but could use some fine tuning for which I would
   need some feedback (not sure if that really belongs to ports@, but
   that's where the original discussion started)


Michael Gmelin

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