patching lang/lua52 to honor Mk/

Hirohisa Yamaguchi umq.461 at
Thu Apr 11 18:48:16 UTC 2013


I've made a slightly big set of patch[0] across several ports.
I think that submitting PR's for individual ports obscure the overview.
I want someone to coordinate this.
Thanks in advance.

The patch consists of five parts:
 - modify lang/lua52 and Mk/ to make use of ``USE_LUA=5.2''.
   The rest part of the patch is a trial to make components available.
 - check build against lua52 and add extra-patches when required;
   devel/lua-alien, devel/lua-gettext, devel/lua-pty, and net/luasocket.
   Slave ports prefixed with ``lua52-'' may be needed.
 - add new port devel/luaposix[1], which the author of devel/lua-posix says to
   be the successor[2].
 - update lang/tolua to the version said to work with lua 5.2, and name it
 - bring back lang/ruby-lua with patch to make it build with ruby 1.9,
   because it still remains in Mk/
   The patch is against r277024[4], but created a shell archive[5], too.



	Hirohisa Yamaguchi
	  umq.461 at

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