problems with half installed ports

Matthias Apitz guru at
Thu Apr 11 10:19:21 UTC 2013


Sometimes, while compiling all my ports, I encounter the following

Say, we are installing ports/A which depends on ports/B; the Makefile
detects the dependency and goes to install ports/B; if now during the
final installation process, some files are already delivered to
/usr/local, some files not, the system goes down (by intention because
it's time to go out), before the installation of ports/B is fully done
and registered to /var/db/pkg, next time when you restart installing
ports/A it often sees, because the file referenced in the Makefile
was allready installed (while others not), it thinks that ports/B was
installed fine and proceeds with ports/A which later (or even in some
other area) gives an error due to missing files of ports/B;

I think, the only solution is that the dependency is not only based on
some (random) file of B, but on the fact if B was *fully* installed and
registered in /var/db/pkg;



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