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Peter Jeremy peter at
Tue Apr 9 20:30:23 UTC 2013

On 2013-Apr-08 13:32:05 +0200, Daniel Nebdal <dnebdal at> wrote:
>Looking at it, the first problem is that x11-toolkits/xview has
>Adding amd64 to it failed early with compilation errors (in some hairy
>macro definitions, by the look of it). Setting USE_GCC=4.2+ still
>produced a lot of warnings, but actually compiled and installed.
>Back in olwm, it then failed with much the same compiler errors;
>USE_GCC=4.2+ got past that again (I guess it's from the same header
>files as xview). It then compiled and installed.
>On trying to start it, it segfaulted. Recompiling with CFLAGS+=-g and
>starting it in gdb, I get this:

Without looking at the code, my initial guess is that the code assumes
it can store a pointer in an int.

>There is probably a good reason xview is marked as i386 - only. I
>guess I could recompile it with -g as well to see if I can find out
>what goes wrong, but ... I do have other things to do, and I know
>nothing about X or xview or olvwm. Maybe later?

As a first step, I'd add '-Wall -Wmissing-declarations' and work
through all the warnings, particularly any that suggest truncation.

Peter Jeremy
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