FreeBSD Port: www/linkchecker , remove INSTALLS_ICONS line?

Michiel Detailleur md at
Tue Apr 9 10:57:41 UTC 2013


I wanted to install the tool "linkchecker" without GUI on a headless 
server. Unfortunately the FreeBSD port seems to pull in a large amount 
of X related dependencies, even though I have WITHOUT_X11=yes in 
make.conf and I didn't select the GTK2 port option.

The X related dependencies originate from 
graphics/gtk-update-icon-cache. Which in turn seems to be triggered by 
the "INSTALLS_ICONS=    yes" line in the port's Makefile. I traced this 
down when I found this similar bug report for another port:

I removed the INSTALLS_ICONS line from the port's Makefile in my ports 
tree and the port build and installed succesfully. The CLI tool also 
runs as expected.

I think the "INSTALLS_ICONS=    yes" line can be safely removed from the 
official port?

Thank you in advance,



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