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Sun Apr 7 11:14:56 UTC 2013

parv <parv at> writes:

> ( Please do carbon copy me the replies for I am not a ports@
>   subscriber. )
> Hi there,
> Within The Ports, is it possible to compile and install devel/git
> (with subversion & Perl support) as (a collection of) static
> port?
> The problem that I want to workaround just appeared: I use git
> (installed with Perl & subversion support) much; subversion is
> currently used only to update FreeBSD ports & src trees.
> subversion-1.7.8 was marked to be vulnerable; I thought I could
> remove 1.7.8 version, and compile & install a newer version.
> Turned out git had to be de installed also (sans force) before
> subversion 1.7.8 could be removed. (Or, if subversion was removed
> with force, I would have then needed to do library shuffle to be
> able to run git at all.)

1. For updates,  use utilities such as portupgrade  or portmaster. These
will   handle   the  nitty-gritty   details   of  upgrading   subversion
"underneath" git.

2.  You can  configure Git  to not  depend on  Subversion,  which might,
however, remove all relevant functionality.

cd /usr/ports/devel/git
make config
(disable SVN)
(save options)
make all deinstall install clean

and you are set.

> I could have lived with older version of subversion support
> statically compiled in with git files, (possibly) to be updated
> after newer subversion version was installed **successfully**. Would
> I need to compile git outside of The Ports to achieve the desired
> result?

3.  This is  probably  unnecessary  - Git  only  uses Subversion's  Perl
bindings, and those are loaded anew each and every time you use git-svn,
so updating p5-subversion should suffice.

Matthias Andree

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