Andrea Venturoli ml at
Wed Apr 3 18:06:47 UTC 2013

On 03/24/13 13:58, Thierry Thomas wrote:

> Have you checked that the ports depending on OpenCASCADE are really
> incompatible with this latest release?


According to FreshPorts, there are 14 ports which require OpenCASCADE, 
all in category "cad".

First is opencascade-tutorial, which has been marked broken for as long 
as I can remember (and I guess should be removed).

Second is gmsh-occ: this will compile with my port of OpenCASCADE 6.5.x.
Whether it really works I don't know: I don't know this program and I 
don't think it's as simple as launching it...

The other 12 ports belongs to Salome: this is hard... if OpenCASCADE can 
be considered a big beast, Salome is *HUGE*.
It pulls in gobs of dependencies (GCC44, Python, TCL/TK, QT3, QT4, 
boost-all, VTK, omniORB&Co, just to name a few) and I wasn't even able 
to compile with traditional OpenCASCADE 6.3, since it gives some errors 
with QT.
Keep in mind that Salome is at 6.6.0, while our port is at 5.1.4.

Also interesting is cat/netgen, whose Makefile states:
> BROKEN=         The opencascade port needs to be updated before OCC will work
(this is why I'm cc-ing stephen).

Please also note that some components where removed in 6.5 (e.g. Java 
wrappers) and that I ported from scratch, trying to install files in the 
standard FreeBSD hierarchy (as opposed to /usr/local/ros which previous 
ported used).

>> My proposal is to rename 6.3 from opencascade to opencascade-legacy or
>> opencascade63 and introduce a new 6.5.3 port.
>> I could create the latter and volunteer to maintain it.
>> What do you think?
> Yes, that would be fine! Please go.

You can find a port skeleton here:

Although I've done a few ports in the past, I don't feel I'm an expert; 
so I'd be glad if someone would take a look at this before I submit an 
official PR.

  bye & Thanks

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