[kde-freebsd] py27-pykde4-4.10.1

olli hauer ohauer at gmx.de
Tue Apr 2 17:51:43 UTC 2013

On 2013-04-02 19:24, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 02, 2013 at 07:14:36PM +0200, Alberto Villa wrote:
>> On Tuesday 02 April 2013 19:08:14 Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
>>> OPTIONSFILE is built base on UNIQUENAME which is built which uses
>>> that is the reason.
>> bsd.options.mk, line 194: the .if exists(${OPTIONSFILE}) tries to evaluate 
>> (make(1) functions evaluate immediately, as you know), among other, 
>> PKGNAMEPREFIX, which is not yet set because bsd.python.mk is included at line 
>> 1424, while bsd.options.mk is included at line 1311 (speaking of bsd.port.mk). 
>> Thus, OPTIONSFILE is not included.
>> This was the case with bsd.qt.mk, at least, so I suspect it's the same.
> Yes that true, and it is because OPTIONSFILE was (before optionsng) and still is
> (with optionsng) built based on UNIQUENAME which is built base on PKGNAMEPREFIX.
> cf bsd.port.mk L1286
> So bsd.python.mk (it is not the only one) setting PKGNAMEPREFIX makes UNIQUENAME
> not unique at all, first problem, it also make it changing meanng OPTIONSFILE
> is expanded a first time to load options when PKGNAMEPREFIX is not yet set and
> expanded a second time (when saving options) and PKGNAMEPREFIX is now set.
> bsd.options.mk can't anyway be loaded after bsd.port.pre.mk given that one may
> want to provide a PYTHON option and will make it set USE_PYTHON=yes for
> example.
> I don't know the right fix to be honnest. But UNIQUENAME not being UNIQUE is a
> real problem imho and OPTIONSFILE changing depending on being after pre.mk or
> before pre.mk is another problem.
> I don't know what came first between the bsd.*.mk changing the PKGNAMEPREFIX and
> UNIQUENAME creation, but for sure one choice here hasn't been smart.

Havent't done a test and looked for the right place but maybe it's an option to
chop prefixes like py2x, ap2x from OPTIONSFILE
sample OPTIONSFILE=${PKGNAMEPREFIX:S/py27-//:S/ap22-//:S/ap24-// ...

At last we should stop rewriting p5/py/ap ports to use only PORTDOCS / EXAMPLES
to the new options style until we have a proof solution.


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