Citrix in FreeBSD ports status

Tomas Bodzar tomas.bodzar at
Tue Oct 30 06:54:12 UTC 2012

Hi all,

looking at I can see that
there is just quite old version which is hard to find sources for. I'm
able to install and use Citrix 12.1 under compat_linux on OpenBSD i386
or NetBSD i386/amd64 just fine. Did not test DragonFlyBSD yet (maybe
today). On OpenBSD it's without sound as far as I know, because
there's not yet Linux plugin for sndiod. However on NetBSD sound
doesn't work too and I'm not sure why ( see eg. ).
Don't know if it's because of some config mixup or because of issues
in compat layer as Linux tools says that there's not sound card at
all. I'm able to install it on PC-BSD (so I suppose that FreeBSD as
well), but it doesn't start. There's just "blink" of window of that up
during startup and that's all. Does someone have idea if I can use
DTrace for debugging it somewhat?

Thanks a lot

Please cc me as I'm not subscribted to this list

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