lib name on LIB_DEPENDS

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at
Mon Oct 29 10:35:14 UTC 2012

Am 29.10.2012 08:53 (UTC+1) schrieb Ruslan Mahmatkhanov:
> Rainer Hurling wrote on 28.10.2012 19:46:
>> On 28.10.2012 16:12 (UTC+2), Lucas Saliés Brum wrote:
>>> Hello all!
>>> This is my first e-mail that list.
>>> I'm having problems with a new port that I'm trying to create.
>>> # make install
>>> ...
>>> ===>   Registering installation for py27-feedparser-5.1.2
>>> ===>   Returning to build of cgmail-0.6.2
>>> Error: shared library "feedparser" does not exist
>>> *** [lib-depends] Error code 1
>>> Stop in /usr/home/lucas/apps/ports/cgmail.
>>> What name should I use LIB_DEPENDS=
>>> [HERE]:${PORTSDIR}/textproc/py-feedparser ?
>> textproc/py-feedparser does not install any library, so you need to test
>> the presence of the python script, installed by this port:
>> /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/
>> To be path and version independent you should use something like
>> ${PYTHON_SITELIBDIR}/${PORTSDIR}/textproc/py-feedparser
> Please note that using
> ${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}feedparser>0:${PORTSDIR}/textproc/py-feedparser
> is preferable.

Thanks for this info. I wasn't sure about what is best to use in
'DEPENDS' lines.

Do I understand it right, that '${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}feedparser>0'
tests directly, if the port py27-feedparser is installed and
'${PYTHONPREFIX_SITELIBDIR}/ would test, if the file
'' exists in the path '${PYTHONPREFIX_SITELIBDIR}'? (better

In PH, chapter 6.14, three cases are mentioned:

Used as a PKGNAMEPREFIX to distinguish packages for different Python
versions. Example: py24-

Location of the site-packages tree, that contains installation path of
Python (usually LOCALBASE). The PYTHON_SITELIBDIR variable can be very
useful when installing Python modules.

The PREFIX-clean variant of PYTHON_SITELIBDIR. Always use
%%PYTHON_SITELIBDIR%% in pkg-plist when possible. The default value of
%%PYTHON_SITELIBDIR%% is lib/python%%PYTHON_VERSION%%/site-packages

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