Snag in math/py-numpy: checksum fails

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Mon Oct 29 09:50:40 UTC 2012

from Robert Backhaus <robbak at>:

> The first thing I'd do is delete the numpy distfiles you've got from
> ports/distfiles and try again. those 'range not satisfyable' seem to
> indicate you've got a partial distfile  that might be tripping it up.

> Note that the files are only .pdfs anyway, so are not really
> important. Perhas you can run 'make config' in ports/math/py-numpy and
> turn off documentation.

> I just retrieved the file manually, and the checksum matches. So you
> have a bad file in distfiles.
> Perhaps you have the distfile from a previous version there, and it
> has the same name, and so the file clashes with the new one. If so,
> it's a problem that the port maintainer has to fix, somehow. To get
> yourself working, however, just delete the old distfiles/numpy*pdf
> files

Yes, I had previous pdf documentation distfiles of the same name, but the
fetch part still went to the ftp or http server and fetched the wrong files.
As I pointed out, I fetched the correct pdf documentation files with lynx;
URL being

proper directory being numpy and numpy-1.6.0

My previous version of numpy was 1.5.something.

Let me add also that my CC to llwang at , listed as maintainer, 
bounced, another thing that may need correction in the Makefile:

<llwang at>: cannot update mailbox /var/spool/mail/llwang for user
    llwang. error writing message: Disk quota exceeded


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