cad/meshlab: Any chances to get this working?

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Sun Oct 28 10:42:12 UTC 2012

Many colleagues using Linux use "mehslab" for their day to day work (3D
Vision, stereo processing). Well, FreeBSD has recently been given
cad/meshlab, version 1.3.0, but I was never capable of compiling it,
neither the port, nor the raw sources, since meshlab 1.3.0 tend to
compile "forever". Shortly after discovering this, that was in the
summertime this year, the port has also been marked as being broken.

While version 1.3.2 is now out with several promising features and my
desire to use this nice opensource tool also for my work, I again come
acrross with the broken port. My first naive attempts to build a port by
taking the previous 1.3.0-port failed, I'm not familiar with the deeper
knowledge of cmake and siblings.

Well, does anyone tried to compile the very new Meshalb 1.3.2 on FreeBSD
taking the sources (no ports framework)?

Maybe it would be possible to put the pieces of knowledge together to
make the new version 1.3.2 compiling and available in the ports tree. It
would be great.


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