graphics/gnash: bad dependency www/libxul19

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Sun Oct 28 09:00:32 UTC 2012

from Robert Backhaus <robbak at>:

> On 27 October 2012 23:34, Thomas Mueller <mueller23 at> wrote:
> > I am still trying to update all ports that depend on png, and the newest snag is libxul.

> > Since libxul19 was marked vulnerable, that stopped a previous try, and I ran
> > portmaster -o www/libxul libxul
> > and graphics/gnash does not like this because of the lack of file
> >  gnash-0.8.10_2 depends on file: /usr/local/lib/libxul/xpidl - not found

> > So am I stuck, do I have to wait now until gnash-0.8.10_2 is fixed to be compatible with libxul-10.0.9 ?  Or skip upgrading gnash and upgrade the other
> +ports on the list?

> > I even ran
> > ls /usr/local/lib/libxul
> > and found xpidl was not there.

> Have you tried reinstalling libxul? You can also check the output of
> pkg_info -f (or pkg_info -L) to see if that file should be installed.
> If not, could you post a problem report so those that need to know can
> do something about it?
> (

When portmaster was running on the long list of ports and got to gnash,
I saw a message about libxul being reinstalled, then it couldn't install
libxul19 because of conflict, also vulnerability of libxul19.

I ran pkg info -l, and there was no file exactly named xpidl, though there
were a lot of files with idl in the name, especially ending in .idl .

I've never run send-pr before and don't have sendmail set up but once used
the WWW send-pr interface, though that was for NetBSD.

I guess 
setenv MAIL_AGENT /usr/local/bin/msmtp -a insight -t  
(but this failed because of too many arguments)
since I would sent a message by
msmtp -a insight -t < message-file
though this message file includes headers.

I tried send-pr and at the end got "Message sent" though I don't know if it
really found its way without the mail agent being set up.

I notice x11/yelp also has a dependency libxul19 but don't know if that is for 
file xpidl.  This port would be helpful with gnumeric.


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