Another impasse: conflict between poppler-glib and (nonexistent?) poppler-gtk

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Sat Oct 27 10:20:47 UTC 2012

from Robert Backhaus <robbak at>:

> Note in updating:
> 2011-11-01

> Affects: users of graphics/poppler-gtk

> Author: Koop Mast <kwm at>

> Reason:
>   Poppler was update to 0.18.0, and the gtk slave port was renamed to
>   match the library it installs. Please run the following command to migrate.

>   # portmaster -o graphics/poppler-glib poppler-gtk-0.16.7

> Yes, poppler-gtk was deleted. You can find information about things
> like that from, or searching UPDATING and/or MOVED

Yes, that gives my massive portmaster upgrade a new lease on life: now running.  My thanks!

I typically look in UPDATING, except when I forget, but tend not to look far enough back.

Now I'm running with

so I hope I won't be stopped by delete confirmations.


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