Taking over maintainership of devel/py-ice, next steps

Ruslan Mahmatkhanov cvs-src at yandex.ru
Fri Oct 26 20:21:35 UTC 2012

Michael Gmelin wrote on 27.10.2012 00:09:
> Sorry, I wasn't informed by GNATS about your offer to help (double
> checked junk and trash). This seems to happen once in a while lately.

Yes, there are some problems with GNATS, so it was the reason why you 
missed it. I planned to wrote to you directly, but still had not time 
for this, sorry.

> The gzipped version of the patch didn't work, since there is an
> encoding problem with patches sent through the PR system (I think the
> both of us emailed about this earlier this month - binary patches as
> well as UTF-8 encoded patches [PR 172195]) - it should work if you
> copy and paste the base64 encoded text and base64 decode it and then
> gunzip (which is of course a ridiculous procedure to follow).

Yes, you are right, we both wrote about that.

> So please find attached the original patch as well as the gzipped
> version (just to make sure no MUA encoding issue gets in our way). I
> assume at least the gzipped version will be stripped by the mailing
> list, so I Cced you directly.
> Note that the patch doesn't include the maintainer change - so please
> let me know in case there is an additional procedure I should follow
> to accomplish this.

No, it's ok, I'll change it myself.

> Apply the patch by doing (assuming it's stored in /tmp):
> cd /usr/ports/devel/py-ice
> zcat /tmp/py27-Ice-3.4.2_3.patch.gz | patch -p0 -E
> find . -name \*.orig -delete
> Checksums are:
> MD5 (py27-Ice-3.4.2_3.patch) = 27f1b4aeb4ae2c85aeb0445ae4fb493f
> MD5 (py27-Ice-3.4.2_3.patch.gz) = 92b70f01768e54441dff4f68676e48ab
> If something goes wrong you can also fetch it for a limited amount of
> time at this URL:
> http://blog.grem.de/py27-Ice-3.4.2_3.patch.gz

I downloaded it, so feel free to remove.

> Thanks for your help,
> Michael

Planning to deal with this pr tomorrow. Stay tuned :)


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