FreeBSD Port: vtwm-5.4.7_3

Abc Xyz abc at
Fri Oct 26 02:13:43 UTC 2012

Why is "rplay" being packaged with VTWM?
VTWM is supposed to be a minimal no-frills
window manager (I have used it for 15 years)
and I very much dislike the added dependencies
for things I don't care to use and violate the
spirit of VTWM.  I wrote the programmer that
did this hack several years ago when he first
did it, and he promised he would undo it.
And now, I see it back again (still using 4.11,
was thinking of upgrading to 9.1).

Please keep VTWM *minimal*.  If someone wants
fancy things like "network sound", I am sure
one of the more fancy window managers will do.

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