Another snag: devel/doxygen and audio/jack seem to have themselves as dependencies

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Fri Oct 26 01:52:50 UTC 2012

> In the past I had seen this dependency loop:

> audio/pulseaudio
>   - audio/jack
>   -- devel/doxygen
>   --- graphics/graphviz
>   ---- graphics/devil
>   ----- devel/sdl12
>   ------ audio/pulseaudio

> And the solution to this loop was to do one of the following:

>  1. Turn the DOC option OFF for audio/jack.
>  2. define NOPORTDOCS when installing devel/doxygen (breaks dependancy
> on graphics/graphviz)
>  3. Turn the DEVIL option OFF for graphics/graphviz
>  4. Turn the PULSEAUDIO option OFF for devel/sdl12

> If you don't need the documentaion for audio/jack,  try disabling the
> DOC option for audio/jack.

> Scot

I remember this or similar dependency loop in the past, thought it was fixed, then apparently the dependency loop came back.

Maybe wait until this bug is (temporarily?) fixed again?  I look through the Makefiles for audio/jack and devel/doxygen and can't find what the default options are supposed to be.

I have other things I could do in the interim, like cross-compiling NetBSD and Linux, so I don't have to resume this portupgrade/portmaster immediately.

I was waiting on FreeBSD update from source until I could finish upgrading all ports depending on png, but that won't happen any time soon with portmaster.

I still don't have my HP LaserJet working.

Portmaster finds one port that won't update, and stops the whole process.  Portupgrade, in my experience, upgraded most other ports, and then I could fish through the log file, make fixes, and portupgrade those failed ports one at a time.

I have a NetBSD 5.1_STABLE installation on old computer with many packages built from pkgsrc, from summer 2011.  I just checked, and there was no jack or doxygen.

Now I am more than ever tempted to update FreeBSD from source, install to another partition on my 3 TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard drive, and build packages from NetBSD pkgsrc, which has been ported to and can be bootstrapped on FreeBSD and other (quasi-)Unixes and even Haiku OS.  No more config dialogs messing up when I create a log file.


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