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Jeffrey Bouquet jeffreybouquet at
Tue Oct 23 18:10:26 UTC 2012

There is a thread this week at the FreeBSD forums, "pkgng: pkg upgrade" in which is posted some concerns about maybe not enough documentation prior to pkg being the default package manager. Someone involved in its development wish to address those in code or to the forum/list?
Also, I am still concerned about the deprecation of /var/db/pkg files while pkg is default.  Could a concurrent option (they still exist) be put in place? For instance, the following pipe:

for i in $(find . -type f -name "freebsd_unread*"); do less $i && /bin/rm -iv $i; done

Serves to greatly reduce the RSI (keystrokes) while deleting most of a set of files.  I've used such pipe many times in the past using the flat files in /var/db/pkg/ as a means to investigate or fixup ports stuff.  That would seem to be impossible now with pkg as the default and the files gone... the "find" would have to be recoded to deal with the syntax of PKG ... as well as other more complex stuff later in the pipe, thus whichever problem is being worked on is relegated to a more costly, complex methodology or just ignored (desinstalling a problem set of ports, for example for the latter case). 

J. Bouquet 

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