Conflict between lang/tcl85 and x11-toolkits/open-motif?

Pietro Cerutti gahr at
Tue Oct 23 09:33:44 UTC 2012

On 2012-Oct-23, 05:02, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> Is there a conflict between lang/tcl85 and x11-toolkits/open-motif, not
> documented in the Makefiles, like trying to install files to the same place?
> Trying in many steps, stopped by so many snags, I am trying to rebuild all ports depending on png, starting from "portmaster -r png-", and this is stopping me.
> I show relevant portion of the log:
> Installing and cross-linking C API (.3) docs
> Installing and cross-linking command (.n) docs
> **********
> **********
> in /usr/local/lib/tcl8.5/
> tcl.h        in /usr/local/include/tcl8.5/tcl.h
> tclDecls.h   in /usr/local/include/tcl8.5/tclDecls.h
> There are NOT default place, but good place to avoid
> conflicting with another version of Tcl/Tks.
> ===>   Compressing manual pages for tcl-8.5.12_2
> ===>   Running ldconfig
> /sbin/ldconfig -m /usr/local/lib
> ===>   Registering installation for tcl-8.5.12_2
> Installing tcl-8.5.12_2...pkg: tcl-8.5.12_2 conflicts with open-motif-2.3.3 (ins
> talls files into the same place).  Problematic file: /usr/local/man/man3/Object.
> 3.gz
> *** [fake-pkg] Error code 70
> Stop in /BETA1/usr/ports/lang/tcl85.
> *** [install] Error code 1
> Stop in /BETA1/usr/ports/lang/tcl85.
> (end of quoted portion of log)
> Where do I go from here?  I didn't find any conflicts between lang/tcl85 and
> x11-toolkits/open-motif documented in the Makefiles.

Yes the problem exists indeed. I suggest that you reconfigure (make
config) in lang/tcl85 and unselect the TCL85_MAN option, then reinstall

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The FreeBSD Project
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