gettext or NLS changes ??

olli hauer ohauer at
Wed Oct 17 19:49:29 UTC 2012


was there a change in forcing port builds with gettext or NLS in last time?

I have many failing ports in tinderbox with an error similar to
the following message (haven't had this issue ~10 days before)

==> /tb/a/builds/8.3-amd64-pkgng/tmp/make.log <==
====================<phase 4: make build>====================
add_pkg gmake-3.82_1.txz libiconv-1.14.txz pkgconf-0.8.9.txz libxml2-2.7.8_5.txz
adding dependencies
pkg_add gmake-3.82_1.txz
Installing gmake-3.82_1...missing dependency gettext-
Failed to install the following 1 package(s): gmake-3.82_1.txz
error in dependency gmake-3.82_1.txz, exiting

I have defined WITHOUT_NLS in the env/build.xx... files.


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