Portmaster/Portupgrade | pkg2ng

Jos Chrispijn kernel at webrz.net
Tue Oct 16 21:11:23 UTC 2012

Somewhat lost here; just read UPDATING in which is reported about an 
additional function support of pkgng by portupgrade and portmaster:

   # make -C /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster config build deinstall 
install clean
   # echo 'WITH_PKGNG=yes' >> /etc/make.conf
   # pkg2ng*

   # echo 'WITH_PKGNG=yes' >> /etc/make.conf
   # pkg2ng*
   # pkgdb -fu

The only issue I have is that this pkg2ng command doesn't work as this 
program* cannot be found so the command returns with a 'pkg2ng: Command 
not found.'
Can someone tell me what I miss here?

Jos Chrispijn

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