graphics/png status, when will 1.5.13 appear in ports?

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Tue Oct 16 09:09:51 UTC 2012

> > I didn't realize the FreeBSD ports people would be so cautious with png.

> [5810 eitan at radar ~ ]%grep png-1.5 -c /usr/ports/INDEX-10
> 6036

> might help explain why. :)

> Eitan Adler

I don't have INDEX-10, but ran 
grep png-1.5 -c /BETA1/usr/ports/INDEX-9
and got 6032.

Does that mean so many ports depend on png-1.5?

I guess they don't want to risk the small chance of png-1.5.13 breaking a 
whole lot of ports?


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