pkg has screwed up my ports

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Mon Oct 15 15:07:43 UTC 2012

This morning I updated my ports tree using svn, then ran portmaster -L
to check outdated ports. portmaster was one of those ports. 

I then ran portmaster -a . it prompted me to select options from the
blue options screen, I selected pkgng support. 

Anyway, the update of portmaster failed. I ran pkg2ng, it went through
all of my ports, etc. Just following instruction that were printed to
the terminal. 

It has screwed up spamassassin to the point where I cannot even install
it now; either using make install clean, pkg install ... , portmaster
mail/p5-Mail-SpamAsassin, etc, etc. There may be others too, I can't
tell right now because my entire ports system has been corrupted and
therefore rendered useless.

i'm on a different machine now so I don't have all the errors i've been
getting available right now

i Think i'm going to have remove every single port and start again. I'm
really peed off about this. Moving forward and progressing is fine, but
there are clearly plenty of problems with this new pkg mechanism. I've
been sat here all day trying to fix the mess and i'm no further forward.
A total waste of day. Aren't these things tested properly before forcing them
upon us users - it's us that suffer. I've had to take my mail server
offline and route mail to another whilst I get this sorted. 

Surely someone else has had this issue today, or recently. ???

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